EX-CommandStation 4.1.1 Release [Oct 2022]

23 October 2022 - 21:00 USA - Eastern Standard Time

With a drum roll playing in the background, I am please to announce that the DCC-EX team has released version 4.1.1.

As of last night that is the new official version available for download from our web side. This is considered a minor update but it does include a few bug fixes, the primary one being able to read long loco id’s. Included as well are several technical updates and for the one percent that understand the meaning, I saw coding words such as ACK, ATGTE and ATLT. For the 99 percent of us out there, some of the new features include the ability to fade an led when using a pca9685 board, a KILLALL function that stops all EX-Rail as well as diagnostic command, and new commands to help throttle developers.

To view a more complete list, here is a link to the release notes.

An interesting thought occurred to me as I was planning the writing of the update. Before it is published it gets the approval from multiple team members. Looking at it in a different light, approval came from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Canada, as well as the United States. That illustrates why DCC-EX is becoming a dominant player in the control of model railroads. Keep the downloads coming!!

Contact info:
Name: Fred Decker
Organization: DCC-EX
Address: 113 Main Street #767, Holly Springs, NC 27540
Phone: +1 919-285-1576