Thank you for your offer to help. Here’s some instructions for how to contribute. You might want to check in with an admin from the DCC++ EX team before working on documentation changes to identify current needs.

Submission Procedure

We will assume that you have an appropriate text editor and Git installed on your machine. We recommend the free _Visual Studio Code IDE (VSC)_ and _GitHub Desktop_ or _Git Bash_.

  1. Clone the []( repository, to your local machine. Make sure you’re on the sphinx branch. ([Cloning a repository in GitHub](

  2. Install _Python 3.8.x_ (which also installs pip) then use pip to install the required packages `pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme sphinxcontrib-spelling`

  3. Using Git Bash, go to the “website” folder and make a branch using GitHub desktop or this command: `git checkout -b your-branch-name`

  4. Open VSC and edit the files in the `` folder. Save, then Preview your changes by running `make github` from the root of the `` folder. This must be done from cmd.exe in windows, not powershell Then go to the directory `` and open `index.html` in Chrome or another browser. Note that since 11/23/2020, this is just a local preview - when you push your changes GitHub will automatically rebuild your website.

  5. Use `git add` and `git commit -m "MY CHANGE DESCRIPTION"` often to save changes. If you’re using GitHub desktop these are combined in the commit button.

  6. Push it to GitHub: `git push origin {your-name}-changes`

  7. Go to GitHub and issue a pull request for your branch to be pulled into the sphinx branch. Once it’s merged in by one of the admins, your changes will go live!

Work in progress