Purchasing Parts

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This page explains what you will need to acquire to build a EX‑CommandStation using the recommended parts for a Conductor.

Some of the parts (like track and some wire) you will likely already have on hand.

What you need to Acquire


You will need to find or purchase:

  1. a supported Arduino board
    We recommend the Elegoo Mega 2560

  2. a supported Motor Driver
    We recommend either our own EX-MotorShield8874 or the Arduino Motor Shield Rev3

  3. a supported WiFi shield
    We recommend the EX-WiFi Shield 8266 (aka Makerfabs WiFi Shield)

  4. Two (2) Male to Female Jumpers leads

  5. a 9-14v DC power supply for the motor shield
    We recommend 12V 5Amp Power Supply for the Track

  6. a 2.5mm x 5.5mm Female DC Plug to Screw Terminal (optional, but recommended) to connect the motor shield power supply

  7. a 7-9v DC power supply
    for the Arduino - be sure it is tip positive such as this one on amazon (while it is connected to the PC, this is not needed) NOTE: You do not need this power supply if you use the EX-MotorShield 8874. It powers the Arduino|BR|

  8. any computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux (only needed for the initial install of the software)

  9. a USB Cable from the computer to the Arduino

  10. a piece of track to run trains or program on

  11. some wire (18 to 16 AWG twisted pair recommended [1].)

  12. a ‘known’ working DCC-equipped locomotive


Uno R4 is not supported
If you choose to purchase an Arduino Uno (not recommended), it is vital that you purchase the Revision 3 (R3) version, not the Revision 4 (R4) version. The EX‑CommandStation cannot run on the R4 version. See here from more informtion.


You can also find more detailed hardware information in the Hardware section. Check our list of dealers to find some products locally to you.


Our EX‑Installer app is recommended for most users as it automatically downloads and installs the required software.

  1. See the Command Station download page to download a copy to your computer.

A Throttle (Controller)

  1. You’ll also need something to control your trains.
    There are several options. We will discuss these following the system setup, but the introductory configuration covered in the following pages lends itself to using a smart phone (Android or Apple iOS).

Next Steps

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