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Motor boards

There are many motor boards available to use with DCC++ EX. Also called "Dual-H Bridges" and "Motor Shields", some require a little work, but others are mostly plug and play.

NOTE: We recommend the Arduino Motor Shield R3 or a supported clone board like the Deek-Robot ($15 US).

Deek Robot Motor Shield

Boards currently supported

  • Arduino Motor Shield R3
  • Deek-Robot Motor Shield
  • LMD18200 Motor Driver Module
  • Pololu MC33926 Motor Shield
  • LMD18200 Based Motor Boards

There are other boards, some requiring modification, which are covered in the advanced section.

Connecting an Arduino or Deek-Robot Motor Shield

Uno Jumper

Jumper Diagrams

The link above will open a PDF document that provides detail information on how to connect the most popular motor controllers to an Arduino.