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Chesterfield Cases

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Chesterfield Model Making & Miniature Electronics

Chesterfield sells a case to fit the Mega DCC-EX Command Station as well as a tiny decoder adapter board (The Dave Falkenburg optoisolator board to pickup the DCC signal from the tracks) that can connect to a microcontroller and operate as a decoder or DCC packet sniffer with the right sketch See the Myna Bay Website .

Chesterfield Command Station Case

Chesterfiled DCC-EX Command Station Case

Command Station Rack (The Mac Rack)

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Neil’s DCC++/EX Controller Case

Created by Neil McKechnie, one of the the DCC-EX Team developers, this is a rack style 3D printed case that can hold the Command Station Arduino, Motor Shield and Raspberry Pi.

McKechnie "Mac Rack"