DCC-EX Command Summary

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Command Reference

Power management

<0 [MAIN | PROG] > Power Off

<1 [MAIN | PROG | JOIN] > Power On

<c> Current on the MAIN Track

<s> CommandStation Status

<D RESET> Re-boot the command Station

Cab functions


<t [ignored] cab speed 1|0> Throttle speed<127 direction 1=forward

<- [cab]> Remove one or all cabs from reminders.

<F cab function 1|0> command turns engine decoder functions ON and OFF

<f cab byte1 [byte2]]> legacy functions, see command reference.

<#> Show number of supported cabs. Will return either <# 20>, <# 30>, or <# 50>

<D SPEED28|SPEED128> Switch between 28 and 128 speed steps

<M ignored hex1 hex2 [hex3 [hex4 [hex5]]]> Write a DCC packet the MAIN track

<w cab cv value> Write CV on main track

<b cab cv bit value> Write CV bit on main track

Programming track

<R> Read Loco address (programming track only)

<W cab> write cab address to loco on prog track

<W  cv value >

<W  cv value callbacknum callbacksub> Deprecated, please use <W cv value> instead

<B cv bit 0|1> Write bit to cv.

<B cv bit value callbacknum callbacksub> legacy version

<R cv> Read CV BYTE (pending implementation)

<R cv callbacknum callbacksub> Read CV BYTE Deprecated, please use <V cv value> instead

<V cv value> Verify/Read of cv with guessed value

<V cv bit 0|1> Verify/Read bit of cv with guessed value

<P ignored hex1 hex2 [hex3 [hex4 [hex5]]]> Writes a DCC packet to the PROG track

DCC Accessories

<a linear_address 1|0>

<a addr subaddr 1|0>


<T id address subaddress> Define DCC turnout (deprecated)

<T id DCC address subaddress> Define DCC turnout

<T id DCC linearaddress> Define DCC turnout

<T id SERVO vpin thrownPos closedPos profile> Define servo turnout

<T id VPIN vpin> Define VPIN turnout

<T id> Delete turnout

<T> List defined turnouts

<T id 0|1|C|T> Throw (1 or T) or close(0 or C) a defined turnout


<Q> Lists Status of all sensors.

<S> Lists definition all defined sensors.

<S id pin 0|1> : Creates a new sensor ID, with specified PIN and PULLUP

<S id> : Deletes definition of sensor ID


<Z> Lists all defined output pins

<Z id pin iflag> : Creates a new output ID, with specified PIN and IFLAG values.

IFLAG, bit 0: 0 = forward operation (ACTIVE=HIGH / INACTIVE=LOW)
              1 = inverted operation (ACTIVE=LOW / INACTIVE=HIGH)

IFLAG, bit 1: 0 = state of pin restored on power-up to either ACTIVE or INACTIVE
                  depending on state before power-down.
              1 = state of pin set on power-up, or when first created,
                  to either ACTIVE of INACTIVE depending on IFLAG, bit 2

IFLAG, bit 2: 0 = state of pin set to INACTIVE upon power-up or when first created
              1 = state of pin set to ACTIVE upon power-up or when first created

<Z id 0|1> : Sets output ID to either INACTIVE or ACTIVE state

<Z id> : Deletes definition of output ID

EEPROM management

<E> Store definitions to EEPROM

<e> Erase ALL (turnouts, sensors, and outputs) from EEPROM

<D EEPROM> Diagnostic dump eeprom contents

WiFi Control

<+command> Sends AT+ commands to the WiFi board (ESP8266, ESP32, etc.)

<+X> Force the Command Station into “WiFi Connected” mode

Diagnostic traces

<D CABS> Shows cab numbers and speed in reminder table

<D RAM> Shows remaining RAM (Free Memory)

<D ACK ON|OFF> Enables ACK diagnostics

<D CMD ON|OFF> Enables Command Parser diagnostics

<D ETHERNET ON|OFF> Enables Ethernet diagnostics

<D LCN ON|OFF> Enables LCN interface diagnostics

<D WIFI ON|OFF> Enables WiFi diagnostics

<D WIT ON|OFF> Enables WiThrottle diagnostics

<D HAL SHOW> Shows configured servo board and GPIO extender board config and used pins


<D ACK LIMIT mA> Override ACK processing mA pulse size

<D ACK MIN uS> Override ACK processing minimum pulse width

<D ACK MAX uS> Override ACK processing max pulse width

<D ACK RETRY x> Adjust ACK retries to number x (default is 2)

<D PROGBOOST> Override 250mA prog track limit while idle.

I/O (HAL) Diagnostics

<D HAL SHOW> List HAL devices and allocated VPINs

<D SERVO vpin value [profile]> Set servo position to value on pin vpin.

<D ANOUT vpin value [param2]> Write value to analogue pin vpin, supplying param2 to the driver.

<D ANIN vpin> Read and display pin vpin’s analogue value.


<U ...> Is reserved for user commands (through user filter)

For a detailed command reference, see…

Command Reference