Engine Driver

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Engine Driver is an Android App that uses the WiThrottle Protocol to either connect directly to the DCC++ EX Command Station or connect to the JMRI WiThrottle Server via WiFi. If you connect Engine Driver to JMRI, you connect to the computer running JMRI via WiFi and connect the JMRI computer to the Command Station using a USB cable. If you connect Engine Driver directly to DCC++ EX, you will to add a WiFi option to your DCC++ EX Command Station as explained here: WiFi Setup.


  • Speed and direction control

  • Up to 29 DCC functions

  • One to six locomotives or consists

  • Create and edit consists (software-defined)

  • You can also control layout power, turnouts, routes, and access JMRI web panels and windows.


Engine Driver Main Screen Engine Driver 2 Engine Driver 3 Engine Driver 4


Using a Bluetooth Controller

Bluetooth Lanyard Controller

Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad/Joystick Controller

This is the one Steve Todd uses himself on a lanyard. It leaves both hands free for paperwork and uncoupling and is light enough to simply let go of when you need both hands. Here are his optimized settings. You can use these as a start and customize them for your own use:


From Steve: I set speedsteps to 10, change amount to 1, repeat delay to 9999, horizontal switching layout, throttle web view. I acquire loco/consist using my phone, then dim & lock and put phone in my holster. Then I can “bump” the joystick up and down 3,2,1,0,-1,-2,-3, easily keeping track of the current “notch”. 1 is coupling speed, 2 is switching/yard speed, 3 is mainline. If I’m at home, I put the Conductor view in the web and I have my work for each location.

Engine Driver Conductor View

And here is another Bluetooth controller that provides extra function buttons and you can hold by placing your finger in the ring.

Ring Shape Hand Controller