Engine Driver

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Engine Driver is an Android App that uses the WiThrottle Protocol to either connect directly to the DCC++ EX Command Station or connect to the JMRI WiThrottle Server. If you connect Engine Driver to JMRI, you connect the computer running JMRI to the Command Station using a USB cable. If you connect Engine Driver directly to DCC++ EX, you connect using Wifi. See WiFi Setup

Please visit the Engine Driver Website: https://enginedriver.mstevetodd.com/

Get it from the Google Play Store


  • Speed and directipn control

  • Up to 29 DCC functions

  • One to six locomotives or consists

  • Create and edit consists (software-defined)

  • You can also control layout power, turnouts, routes, and access JMRI web panels and windows.


Engine Driver Main Screen Engine Driver 2 Engine Driver 3 Engine Driver 4


*TODO: More details to come*