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This iOS App is simply beautiful, but you would expect this from a team of talented people consisting of an artist/graphic designer, an iOS Developer, and a User Interface (UI) Designer.

Today, you can use Locontrol on an iOS device connected to JMRI through its Web Interface. JMRI then connects to DCC++EX with a USB cable or wireless USB bridge.

We are currently working with the Locontrol folks to work directly with DCC++ EX without the need for external software. Come back soon for more information. In the meantime, please visit their website https://www.locontrol.com

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  • Connect to JMRI with the WiFi Web Server in DecoderPro

  • Locomotive Roster list with Photos

  • Uses the phone camera

  • Make videos and take pictures of your trains while operating


  • An iOS Device

*TODO: More content coming soon*