SRCP Client for iOS

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This is an iOS App from Germany. One of the major benefits of SRCPClient is that it speaks the <DCC++> Application Programming language (API) natively (see our Command Reference). This means it is fast and can take advantage of some features that exist in the DCC++ EX Command Station not implemented in other APIs. Is also can connect to a WiThrottle server so you can use it with JMRI too.

Please visit their website:

You can find it in the App Store: SRCP Client for iOS


  • Supports the <DCC++> Command (API) natively

  • Supports WiThrottle

  • Connect via WiFi

  • Read and Write CVs


SrcpClient Screenshot 1


  • A DCC++ EX Command Station (Mega based for WiFi)

  • An iOS Cell Phone or Tablet

  • A Wifi Shield (or other ESP8622 solution) if you want to connect using WiFi Wifi Setup



A Mega is required for using the WiFi connection

Using Wifi

To use Wifi, make sure you have a WiFi enabled Command Station as described in the Wifi Setup section.

*TODO:insert tutorial here*