WiTcontroller (Physical)

From WiThrottle’s very own Peter Akers (flash62au on our Discord server), comes a physical hardware throttle using only 4 parts:

  • ESP32 with LiPo charger

  • rotary encoder

  • 3x4 keyboard

  • OLED Display

Files for a 3D printed case are also available.

For a video on how to do this, click below:


  • Connects to the first available SSID (of three you can specify) with the specified password

  • Auto-connects to the first found wiThrottle Protocol Server if only one found, otherwise askes which to connect to

  • Rudimentary on-the-fly consists

  • Assign commands directly to the 1-9 buttons (see list below)

  • Command menu (see below for full list) including: - Able to select and deselect locos by their DCC address, via the keypad - Able to select from the first 10 locos in the roster - Power Track On/Off - Disconnect / Reconnect - Put ESP32 in deep sleep and restart it

NOTE: This is a Project and is therefore a work in progress and open source. New features are being added regularly and a full tutorial will be available soon in the projects section.

Source code and instructions can be found on GitHub here: https://github.com/flash62au/WiTcontroller


Here is a connection diagram drawn in Frizing showing how to wire the parts together:

WiTcontroller connection diagram

Here are pictures showing parts placement inside the case:

WiTcontroller assembly WitController in case