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This is an iOS App (with plans for iOS) from the USA. WiThrottle is probably the most popular iOS throttle since early on JMRI built a WiThrottle Server into its program. You can connect WiThrottle to JMRI and connect JMRI to DCC++EX, or you if you are not going to use JMRI, you can connect directly to the CS if you install a WiFi board.

Please visit their website: https://www.withrottle.com

You can find it in the App Store: WiThrottle

For more information more information about these protocols, see WiThrottle Server, Web Server, DCC++ API Explained


  • Supports WiThrottle Protocol

  • Connect to JMRI

  • Connect to DCC++ EX if not using JMRI

  • Connect via WiFi

  • Read and Write CVs


WiThrottle Screenshot 1


  • A DCC++ EX Command Station (Mega based for WiFi)

  • An iOS Cell Phone or Tablet

  • A Wifi Shield (or other ESP8622 solution) if you want to connect using WiFi Wifi Setup



A Mega is required for using the WiFi connection

Using Wifi

To use Wifi, make sure you have a WiFi enabled Command Station as described in the Wifi Setup section.

We have not tested the WiFi implementation yet

*TODO:Tutorial coming soon*