Automation and Animation

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EX‑CommandStation has been written to include EX‑RAIL, which enables more than just automation of train control, and can in fact be used to animate almost any aspect of your layout.

This feature is available out-of-the-box, and automation or animation sequences are driven completely by software using the relatively simple to understand commands available.

If your desire is to have a fully automated layout for demonstration purposes, with all trains and accessories controlled by the software, this is achievable.

If, however, you simply wish to animate various aspects of your layout, this is also achievable.

Here are some examples of animation sequences that can be driven by EX‑RAIL:

  • Setting correct signal aspects when turnouts/points are closed/thrown

  • Activating level crossing lights/boom gates when a train is approaching

  • Triggering a station announcement to play when a train enters/exits a station

  • Closing/throwing a series of turnouts/points to guide a train through a switching/shunting yard

  • Animating various scenic aspects such as street lights, traffic signals, building lights

There are endless possibilities and your imagination really is the only limitation of EX‑RAIL!

For further information and some examples of implementation, refer to EX-RAIL (Automation/Animation) and The Big Picture.