Cab Engineer: DCC Throttle

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Cab Engineer is an Android App that uses the wiThrottle Protocol to either connect directly to the EX‑CommandStation or connect to the JMRI wiThrottle Server via WiFi. If you connect Cab Engineer to JMRI, you connect to the computer running JMRI via WiFi and connect the JMRI computer to the Command Station using a USB cable. If you connect Cab Engineer directly to EX‑CommandStation, you will to add a WiFi option to your EX‑CommandStation as explained here: Adding WiFi.

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  • Select loco by address or from the JMRI roster if connected to JMRI

  • Speed and direction control

  • 13 DCC functions (F0-F12)

  • Turnout control


Cab Engineer 1 Cab Engineer 2 Cab Engineer 3