TCS UWT-50 & UWT-100 WiFi Throttles (Physical)

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Train Control Systems (TCS) makes a nice line of physical tactile hardware based controllers. Since they support the wiThrottle Protocol, they work seemlessly with the EX‑CommandStation. Recently preliminary testing on both the UWT-50 and the UWT-100 WiFi Throttles are very encouraging.

Some of the major benefits of EX‑CommandStation for TCS UWT-Throttle users are;

  • Direct WiFi connection of TCS UWT-Throttles to the EX‑CommandStation.

  • wiThrottle Protocol built into DCC-EX EX-Command Station giving access to all the EXRAIL macro scripts. No JMRI connection required

  • EXRAIL macros run on the Command Station and do not need a PC connected in order to operate engines and accessories on the layout.

  • JMRI WiThrottle Server Protocol compliant

  • JMRI Routes can be created to point to existing EXRAIL macros residing on DCC-EX and be run through the WiThrottle Server connection

  • EXRAIL scripts are simpler more powerful & easier to write than JMRI Jython/ scripts.

  • Both DCC & DC Layouts can use TCS UWT-WiFi Throttles and other smartphone WiFi Throttle Apps together with DCC-EX and our new TrackManager.

UTW-50 Throttle

Figure 198 UTW-50 Throttle

On the first screen, press the menu button:

UTW-50 Network Options

Figure 199 WiTcontroller connection diagram

From the main menu scroll down or press 6 for Network Options:

UTW-50 Saved Networks

From the Network Options menu, select 2 for Saved Networks:

UTW-50 select DCCEX

Figure 200 UTW-50 select DCCEX

Scroll through the list and select the one that begins with DCCEX:


Figure 201 UTW-50

The EX‑CommandStation has the ability to automatically upload EXRAIL Automation, Routes & Command macros to the TCS UWT-Throttles.

Examples of UWT-100 Throttle and DCC-EX EX‑CommandStation in action;

DCC-EX Commands Cmd Power On|Off, and Join Programming Track < == > Main line, and DCC-EX Turnout Control

UTW-100 Throttle UTW-100 Throttle UTW-100 Throttle

DCC-EX Cmd to Pause & Resume EXRAIL macro scripts, and DCC-EX Cmd to Reboot Command Station

…. image:: /_static/images/throttles/TCS_UWT-100_&_DCC-EX_Cmd_Resume_EXRAIL_04.jpg

UTW-100 Throttle





UTW-100 Throttle

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