HandCab (Physical)

Propeller Beanie Engineer Hat


HandCab is a throttle that mimics the real thing closer than operating your trains with a knob or slider. It has large throttle, brake and reverser handles for a more ‘realistic’ feel when you control a loco requiring you think like an engineer. The throttle uses a lot of the case and controls from the WiTcontroller Throttle you can also build but has a control stalk added to the top that is modeled off the ‘Barrel’ control stands that were found in GP7/9’s. Control your trains in a more prototypical way, build a HandCab throttle.

The HandCab Throttle along with most Android and Apple devices running supported throttle apps will work with any wiThrottle Server such as JMRI, DCC-EX EX‑CommandStation, MRC WiFi, Digitrax LnWi, NCE (WiFi/DCC NCE Cab Bus Interface), TCS CS-105 (Using WiFiTrax WFD-30 or WFD-31) and others.

Visit the HandCab website here: