miniThrottle (Physical)

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A EX‑CommandStation and JMRI Throttle

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Note, this is a “project” type throttle and requires the user to construct it to their specifications

  • Open source software free for hobbyist use

  • esp32 based

  • Supports both the DCC-EX and JMRI protocols

  • Display support

  • LED status indicators

  • 3v voltmeter for speedometer and brake pressure

  • support for a keypad, rotary encoder or potentiometer for throttle, forward/reverse switch,

  • Serial console allows WiFi network affinity and other settings to be changed without having to re-program the micro controller

  • Multiple WiFi networks allowing the throttle to be portable and used on multiple layouts. Alternatively a direct serial connection to|EX-CS| may be used, which bypasses WiFi connectivity.

  • Menu driven user interface makes it easy for visitors or occasional users to use

Please visit the miniThrottle Website for complete instructions here: miniThrottle Project