Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we answer on our various support channels:



Can I run a loco on the programming track?

Yes, by issuing the command <1 JOIN> via the serial console.
This is intended to be temporary, for running a loco from a programming track onto your layout, not for normal running of the layout.

(In Engine Driver you can Request Loco ID which will also temporarily allow the loco to be driven from the programming track. see Using the “DriveAway(tm)” Feature for more information.)

Why Can’t I Put an EX-RAIL Script on an SDCard?

Being able to read an SD card on the Arduino platforms requires a significant amount of code because there is no operating system or file system which we would take for granted on a PC. We simply don’t have enough free memory on an Arduino to hold that code.

See Why Can’t I Put a Script on an SDCard? for more information.