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The Nano Every is a direct replacement for the Arduino Nano. It runs on 5V and is the same size as a Nano, 45 x18mm. However it is a more powerful board than a standard Nano or Uno. In particular:

Nano Every

  • Uses the ATmega4809 instead of the ATmega328

  • Has 50% More program memory (you can use WiFi or Ethernet!)

  • Has 200% More flash memory

  • Micro-USB connector instead of Mini-USB

  • Clock 16 MHz *

  • Flash Memory 48 KB

  • SRAM 6 KB

  • EEPROM 256 Byte

  • Analog Input pins 8 (with 10-bit resolution)

  • Digital IO Pins 23

  • PWM pins 6

  • no crystal, internal clock. Not sure about steady interrupts. And despite advertising 20MHz, it runs instead at 16.

5V regulator can handle much more power (1A theoretical), 3.3V 600mA. 4 UARTS! But serial1 is wired differently than on the Nano. Where pins 0 and 1 on a Nano are serial and connected to the USB and pins 0 and 1, the Every runs serial 1 to those pins.