SRCP Client (iOS)

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This is an iOS App from Germany. One of the major benefits of SRCPClient is that it speaks the DCC-EX Native Commands natively (see our Command Reference). This means it is fast and can take advantage of some features that exist in the EX‑CommandStation not implemented in other APIs. Is also can connect to a WiThrottle server so you can use it with JMRI too.

Please visit their website:

You can find it in the App Store: SRCP Client for iOS



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  • A EX‑CommandStation (Mega based for WiFi)

  • An iOS Cell Phone or Tablet

  • A Wifi Shield (or other ESP8622 solution) if you want to connect using WiFi Wifi Setup



A Mega is required for using the WiFi connection

Using Wifi

To use Wifi, make sure you have a WiFi enabled EX‑CommandStation as described in the Wifi Setup section.

..TODO:: insert tutorial here - Using WiFi