Cases / Enclosures

David Yale

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David’s Makerbot Thingiverse page

David provides the files to make a 3D printed case or can sell an already made case to fit the Mega EX‑CommandStation with a motor shield, WiFi shield, and LCD display. He has several designs.

David Yale DCC-EX case

David’s DCC-EX case designs

Chesterfield Cases

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Chesterfield Model Making & Miniature Electronics

Chesterfield sells a case to fit the Mega DCC-EX Command Station along with complete controllers and related products.

Chesterfield Command Station Case

Chesterfield EX-CommandStation Case

Command Station Rack (The Mac Rack)

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Created by Neil McKechnie, one of the the DCC-EX Team developers, this is a rack style 3D printed case that can hold the Command Station Arduino, Motor Shield and Raspberry Pi.

McKechnie "Mac Rack"

Neil’s DCC++/EX Controller Case

Sumner’s Mega Dual Configuration Case (3D Print)

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Created by Sumner Patterson, this is a range of Mega Command Station cases with different configurations and different tops at different heights to handle your boards:

  • Uno and Motor Shield Case

  • Mega and Motor Shield Case

  • Mega, Motor Shield, and WiFi Board Case

  • Mega, Motor Shield, and Raspberry Pi Case (for JMRI Users)

Sumner Command Station Cases

Sumner’s Thingiverse Case Page

List of Sumner’s 3D printed cases