Throttles (Controllers)

This page contains lists of compatible Throttles (Controllers) that currently support the EX‑CommandStation. They are listed two ways:

Conductor Hat

For an more introductory overview of throttles and how to choose one, please read the Getting Started - Throttles Page

Propeller Beanie Engineer Hat

For additional options for throttles and how to choose one, please read the Advanced Options - Throttles Page

Throttles - By Client Technology

Web Browser (Windows, OSX, Linux)

Android (Phones and Tablets)

Apple iOS (Phones and Tablets)

Dedicated Hardware

Personal Computers

Throttles - By Communication technology

EX‑CommandStation can use a number of different technologies to communicate with a throttle. While each technology has advantages and disadvantages, none is substantially better that the others.


DCC-EX (DCC-EX Native Commands)

wiThrottle Protocol Based Throttles

USB Based Throttles

JMRI Web Server Based Throttles