JMRI Connection

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Connection Type: Direct to Command Station through JMRI

If you prefer to use, or need some features of, JMRI, then you can use JMRI to connect directly to your EX‑CommandStation via the USB connection, and then connect your controller(s) to JMRI.

To enable this functionality, JMRI includes a wiThrottle server.

For example, Engine Driver uses the wiThrottle Protocol, so it can connect through the JMRI computer that has WiFi and its own wiThrottle Server. This should also apply to any other controller that supports the wiThrottle Protocol.

You can read further on connecting your controller to JMRI on the JMRI: WiFi Connected Throttle page on the JMRI website.

Some reasons you may wish to use JMRI with your EX‑CommandStation:

  • You wish to connect more than 4 controllers to your EX‑CommandStation via WiFi

  • You wish to use DecoderPro for programming your DCC decoders

  • You wish to use the features available in PanelPro to display various graphical representations of your layout

  • You wish to control multiple DCC controllers from the same interface