DCC-EX Official Dealers / Resellers

With the ever increasing demand for hardware that is guaranteed to be DCC-EX compatible, and the uptake of EX‑CommandStation by more Conductor Hat level users, we are striving to make the DCC-EX ecosystem more accessible.

As part of that, and starting with the release of the EX‑MotorShield8874, we have a number of official DCC-EX dealers that can supply various different hardware devices as well as complete EX‑CommandStation systems.

The dealers listed on this page work with the DCC-EX team to ensure these devices are compatible.


If you are not in any of these countries, be aware that each dealer can usually ship anywhere in the world. Each dealer’s primary territory is listed, so purchase from the one closest to you to save on shipping and duty charges.

US Flag

In the United States serving the US, Canada, and Mexico

DCC-EX Store

Smart Hobby, LLC

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In the England serving the UK

Chesterfield Model Making and Miniature Electronics

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In Austria serving the European Union (EU)


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In Australia serving AU, NZ, and APAC

Millennium Engineering Pty Ltd