Stationary Decoder Address Table (xlsx Spreadsheet)

With DCC++EX’s new linear address function, there is no need to have to convert back and forth between linear addresses and the 2-part address, subaddress format. However, if you use the old format or have a decoder to a switch that uses it, this table can come in handy.

Stationary Decoder Address TableAccessory conversion sheet thumbnail

DCC Shortcuts Card

DCC Shortcuts Card Thumbnail DCC Shortcuts Card

DCC++EX Commands Python Script for JMRI

This file installs in JMRI to allow it to display a DCC++ EX Command Reference through the Script Output Window in DecoderPro. Download, unzip and put the .py file in your JMRI script folder.

DCC++EX JMRI script to display a command reference DCC++ EX Commands JMRI Script