Elgato Stream Deck

Propeller Beanie

Tinkerer Level

Stream Deck Unit
  • NOTE: This requires a computer or Raspberry Pi running the Companion Software

The little hardware controller was originally designed for video production folks to automate tasks to button presses. But you can use it as a controller for trains or to trigger your automations! DCC-EX user Peter Daniel has done an excellent write-up on how to use this controller on your layout. Be aware though that the Stream Deck controller are Professional (ahem.. not cheap) devices. About $150 for the one in the picture. But it will impress your friends and you may very well be the first in your club to have one.

Stream Deck Setup

To see more information and instructions, click here to go to Peter’s GitHub Page

Note that this option would fit more into the project category since there is some tinkering involved.