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This is an iOS App from the USA. wiThrottle is probably the most popular iOS throttle since early on when JMRI built a wiThrottle Server into its program. You can connect WiThrottle to JMRI and connect JMRI to EX‑CommandStation, or you if you are not going to use JMRI, you can connect directly to the Command Station if you install a WiFi board.

Please visit their website: https://www.withrottle.com

You can find it in the App Store: WiThrottle

For more information more information about these protocols, see WiThrottle Server, Web Server, DCC-EX Native Commands Explained


  • Supports WiThrottle Protocol

  • Connects to JMRI

  • Connects to EX‑CommandStation if not using JMRI

  • Connects via WiFi


WiThrottle Screenshot 1


  • A EX‑CommandStation (Mega based for WiFi)

  • An iOS Cell Phone or Tablet

  • A WiFi Shield (or other ESP8622 solution) if you want to connect using WiFi Wifi Setup


To use WiFi, make sure you have a WiFi enabled EX‑CommandStation as described in the Wifi Setup section.


wiThrottle Lite (the free version) does not have the Track Power function. You will either need to purchase the full version, or you can add a startup command.

  • You should then see the ‘Address Screen’

  • Turn the track power on by selecting the ‘settings’ tab and clicking on the Track Power

    • The four red LEDs on the Motor board will turn on

  • Go back to the ‘Address’ tab

  • Enter the DCC Address of the loco you put on the track in the Keypad field

  • Select Long or Short (normally if the address is less than 127, it should be a ‘Short’ address.)

  • Click the Set button

  • The address should appear in the green box at the top left.

  • Select the ‘Throttle’ tab

  • You can now use the sliders to move your train