Features under development

Propeller Beanie Engineer Hat

This feature is not available in the current 'Production' version

We always have new features under development for EX‑CommandStation and EX‑RAIL, and as these features get incorporated into the development branch of the software, we will endeavour to keep these documented here in our development pages.


Remember that these features will continue to change and evolve as bugs are found and fixed, and better ways of doing things are discovered, so it’s best to keep up to date with any discussions via our Discord server .

These pages are aimed at those who have some technical capabilities with regards to electronics and the like, so you generally won’t find step by step guides as we provide for the general user base elsewhere in our documentation. Using the development branch means you will regularly need to update your EX‑CommandStation to keep up with bug fixes and feature enhancements.

To obtain the development branch code, refer to Latest EX-CommandStation Unreleased Development Version


With v5 being a brand new release, there’s nothing to see here just yet, but stay tuned as we start work on new features!

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