Extra, extra, read all about it! Introducing DCC-EX News!

Yep, that’s right, the DCC-EX team are now publishing updates regularly with our new “DCC-EX News” feed!

We’ve come to realise we can do much better in communicating the various different projects the team is working on, when we are releasing new versions, when we’ve found/fixed bugs, and when we have news or announcements to share with all our users.

So, without further adieu, we are sharing this very first post, and these will continue regularly as we have news to share.

Here’s what’s happening at the moment:

  • We’re continuing to work towards our next major release which will be v5.0.0, and will include some great new features:

    • Track Manager (formerly called DC Districts), allowing you to run more than two motor driver outputs in DCC, DC, or programming track modes

    • Support for newer generation, 32bit microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics

    • Improvements to I2C connectivity including better timeout handling, the ability to reset the bus without rebooting the EX‑CommandStation, and support for multiplexors

    • Included device drivers for EX‑Turntable, EX‑FastClock, and EX‑IOExpander

  • We’re continuing to review and improve our website and ways to keep you informed (hence this news feed)

  • We’re working on new, open source hardware options to make the entry point to DCC-EX simpler for those who aren’t up to the level of DIY currently required

If you wish to follow “DCC-EX News”, we will have the latest few posts published on the front page of our website, along with the complete list here.

If you use an RSS/Atom feed reader, you can add “DCC-EX News” by the URL “https://dcc-ex.com/news/atom.xml”.

We look forward to sharing more news and information with you all!