Final Version 4 Release (v4.1.5)

We’re excited to announce the final version 4 release of EX‑CommandStation before we move to version 5!

This is just a minor bugfix release from the previous version 4.1.2. This release is a Bugfix release to fix the initialisation order to benefit Ethernet boards, to fix GitHub issue #299 related to TurnoutDescription, and to fix command parsing for LCN (the Layout Control Nodes Accessory Network).

To get the latest version, see the Latest EX-CommandStation Official Release section.

There is also an updated Comprehensive DCC-EX & JMRI DecoderPro Getting Started Guide PDF available for download to help you get up and running with JMRI DecoderPro and DCC-EX.

Look for some major new features soon in version 5.0!