EX-Installer Updated

Since our original announcement back on the 2nd of July 2023, EX‑Installer has continued to be improved with both enhancements and bug fixes. Originally announced at version 0.0.12, this new announcement has EX‑Installer at version 0.0.16, with quite a difference between these two releases!

New features:

  • Added an information menu with version and device information and links to our website and instructions

  • Added support to install EX‑IOExpander and EX‑Turntable

  • Added command history to the Device Monitor

  • Added popup help for contextual help when hovering your mouse over various options

  • Various enhancements to contextual highlighting in Device Monitor

  • Various enhancements to configuring EX‑CommandStation including a refreshed configuration interface and support for newer features

  • Added a tools menu in order to set screen scaling for smaller or larger screen sizes, and to help those of us who don’t see as well as we used to

  • Added some device specific limitations and recommendations, such as disabling Track Manager on Uno/Nano

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Track Manager options were displayed for incorrect versions

  • Fixed an issue where Device Monitor was forced on top of all windows in Linux

  • Fixed an issue where closing the app with Device Monitor open could leave the Arduino CLI running in the background

  • Fixed an issue where Track Manager and current override options were disabled for EX‑CommandStation 5.0.0 or later

  • Fixed an issue in Device Monitor where the output was blank and/or flashing on older Linux versions

  • Fixed an issue for incorrect screen scaling on Linux

  • Fixed an issue where the Ethernet library was not installed when enabling Ethernet support for EX‑CommandStation (you must click “Refresh Arduino CLI” to have this installed)

  • Fixed an issue on Fedora Linux where SSL certificates were not available (a warning will still be seen for fonts which can be disregarded)

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the updates, so we highly recommmend downloading this latest version of EX‑Installer.