Another new EX-Installer release

The DCC-EX team is pleased to announce another new release of EX‑Installer (version 0.0.18). As always, we encourage all users to download this new version of the installer to take advantage of the bug fixes and new features available.

The key updates in this release are support for the new options available in EX‑Turntable version 0.7.0, and the ability to save the device logs from the Device Monitor screen directly within EX‑Installer. This way, when interacting with the DCC-EX team in Discord or via either means, when asked to provide the startup logs or serial monitor logs, you can simply open Device Monitor and click the Save log button to obtain these.

This release also includes the below changes:

  • Update a Python module version to resolve security vulnerabilities

  • Add a link to DCC-EX News articles about EX‑Installer to the Info menu

  • Ensure the “Backup config files” popup is always launched within the app window geometry

  • Fix a bug where copying existing config files for EX‑Turntable and EX‑IOExpander causes an exception