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DCC-EX Model Railroading

DCC-EX is a team of dedicated enthusiasts producing open source DCC solutions for you to run your complete model railroad layout. Our easy to use, do-it-yourself, and free open source products run on off-the-shelf Arduino technology and are supported by numerous third party hardware and apps like JMRI, Engine Driver, wiThrottle, Rocrail and more.

EX-CommandStation Releases

If you are just starting with DCC-EX then the sections below are intended to help you understand how our products might suit your needs. We’ve curated this guidance based on feedback from our users:

If these haven’t helped, or you’ve read them and you are still unsure, then feel free to contact us, preferably through our Discord server where you can chat directly with our team members. Details of this and other contact methods on our Contact Us page.

  • 07 Dec 2023 - Announcing the new DCCEXProtocol Arduino Library!

    The DCC-EX team are proud to announce that we’ve released the very first version of our brand spanking new DCCEXProtocol Arduino Library! This has been written to make life easier for those wishing to write software for throttles or other clients that need to communicate with EX‑CommandStation using our native command API.

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  • 17 Sep 2023 - EX-Installer Updated

    Since our original announcement back on the 2nd of July 2023, EX‑Installer has continued to be improved with both enhancements and bug fixes. Originally announced at version 0.0.12, this new announcement has EX‑Installer at version 0.0.16, with quite a difference between these two releases!

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Where to next?

It is important to understand that different DCC-EX products, and options within those products are targeted at different levels of users, from those who don’t know anything about electronics or software, through to those with a lot of knowledge and experience.

We have tagged the pages to help you understand who they are aimed at. The Choose Your Comfort Level page explains those levels. Keep an eye out on our pages to see at which level of experience our documentation is aimed at.